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Sax On The Beat provides excellent loungemusic with great beats in combination with amazing saxophone solos and drum performance.


Sax On The Beat creates an original twist to club gigs and events. Bringing together great songs and melodies and euphoric saxophone riffs and stunning drum performance.


Weddings, Lounge events, Private/Graduation parties - you name it. Sax On The Beat will play at any event of your liking!

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Sax On The Beat is a live act in the premium segment featuring DJ, saxophone & percussion.


Our more than 100 international gigs per year include both original music and exciting interpretations of well known and loved tunes. Our sets mix classical house with fresh remixes of the latest hits and classics from soul, funk & disco.


No matter what style of music you love, we always strive to give you a great experience where the sax and drums add energy to the dance floor. 


With us, music sits a centre stage, but we know the best experiences require ambience. We love all type of visual enhancers and are happy to look at different kinds of special effects to help make your event special.


We believe the ultimate experience of your party comes in a combination of style, music, appearance, lights, and a great performance.

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Tel: +46 (0) 40 622 95 00


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